Our whole system needs a detox

Maharashtra CM Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, makes some excellent points here and I totally agree about the people being responsible for the media stories. I’ve been saying this in my interviews as well in my talk about ‘responsible filmmaking’ at various educational institutions since 2008. In my words: ‘Every society deserves the entertainment it gets!’ Read more

On Loss of Spiritual Leadership

There are no spiritual leaders and their spiritual followers anymore. Only material ones – Those whose achievements you can count in votes, notes, houses, box office collections, number of followers on Twitter, and Runs in IPL matches… Read more


Aren’t we all tired of the trolls on FB who just won’t get the message? Here’s a funny post I wrote on my facebook account recently. Feel free to share…
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Social life is a two edged sword, innit? We want more friends but we also want to keep those pesky psychos and time-drains away. For film-industrywallas like us, Social Media is a necessary evil that we grapple with everyday. To make more and more people aware of our work is also a part of our work. But fame comes with a price. That’s why we’re the first people to read articles like “17 people you wanna avoid on FB” “23 mistakes people do while Tweeting” etc. :p
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