On Loss of Spiritual Leadership

There are no spiritual leaders and their spiritual followers anymore. Only material ones – Those whose achievements you can count in votes, notes, houses, box office collections, number of followers on Twitter, and Runs in IPL matches…

Religious leaders are jokers. They are painted, colourful faces to distract the people while the ugly business of their investors keep happening. Like how a magician uses an attractive assistant to distract the audience, lest they catch his sleight of hand in action.

This is the new India. Accept it…

Or Don’t! If you really are rational, intelligent and fearless then you my good person, are the hope. So you do your thing. Don’t accept the things as they seem. Have doubts. Question everything. May be you walked the wrong path. May be you were mislead before. That’s not a problem. Any navigation expert / Captain / Pilot will tell you that it’s human to get lost. Just correct your course and come back to the track. The later you do that the more difficult it becomes to reach your final destination.

Media will tell you a lot. Some of it will be even true. But trusting others is not a fool proof way of knowing what’s right for you. So ask yourself. Ask the questions that you haven’t asked yourself in ages. Simple, basic questions that you may have asked yourself in school. What is real happiness? What is real equality? What is real freedom? What is real development? What is the real essence of your religion? What is love, really?

I trust a human heart more than any scientific study. I hope you find your answers. If you want to know my answers, just ask and I’ll tell you. There are no secrets and there are no wrong answers.

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