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Art Is Forever

Art exists to poke fingers in society’s festering sores. Art exists to blast open the sewers so that it’s stench makes difficult for people to breathe. Art exists to give a voice to voiceless. Art exists to scream out loud what we are too afraid to admit to ourselves. Art exists to spit in our […]

In Memoriam: Theatre Legend Arvind Joshi

I’m heartbroken! Theatre legend Arvind Joshi has passed away.   He was one of the greatest living actors, and I am fortunate enough to have met him and worked with him for a few months. The year was 2000, and I was an infant in the entertainment industry, barely a year old in Mumbai, having moved […]


____DAY______   faces faces millions of them. eyes running into foreheads: cheeks into chin: ears into lips: a messy mass, nothing’s personal. anymore.   _____NIGHT______   shadows of darkness: NIGHTBLIND. the sun rusted: the moon arrested: and the vulnerable stars keep on falling like dry peepal leaves. but then leaves do find a ground. at […]


My grandma has tears in her eye. The wind that blows now is full of dust. She opens her eye in contempt and disgust. She cannot look up to the dry barren horizon. She closes her eyes in pity and remorse.    A tear, tired and impotent like her dreams Runs Aimlessly down her cheek […]