Our whole system needs a detox

Maharashtra CM Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, makes some excellent points here and I totally agree about the people being responsible for the media stories. I’ve been saying this in my interviews as well in my talk about ‘responsible filmmaking’ at various educational institutions since 2008. In my words: ‘Every society deserves the entertainment it gets!’

And when I say entertainment it INCLUDES NEWS. Because, frankly as Mr. Fadnavis says, who watches Doordarshan anymore? The news that we consume today is a vilefest of bastardised versions of the spiciest, meanest, gossip-mongering that we can digest today. Tomorrow, our capacity to take in this garbage will increase and there will be a bigger vilefest on our screens.

But no one else is responsible for this more than us. We complain about content in movies but today’s movies are based on what movies we bought tickets for, last year. It goes on.


Now, though I agree with Fadnavis Saheb in general there are two points that I beg to differ upon.

1. Media needs restraint and the government cannot put their hands off saying ‘oh! Who’s gonna control media? If we say anything then it will be more intolerance!’

Please! Your government has taken action over silliest of reasons. Unverified and malicious media stories are an epidemic. No one verifies anything now. One stray update from a fake Twitter handle or FB profile can become a ‘source’. This has to stop and only government can stop it. You need to have strict guidelines as to what is news and what is just irresponsible reportage. It can be only controlled through strict punitive measures. To stop people from lying without basis is not curbing freedom of speech, it is protection of the hurt party’s right to safety and dignity, promised to us by our constitution in fundamental rights before freedom of speech!

56 inch ki chhati waley PM Ke liye ye koi mushkil kaam nahin hai. Galat bolneywalon pe action lijiye.
But we don’t see that happening because at least 50% of this regurgitated garbage comes from Party confidants and supporters. May be the PM doesn’t want to upset the people who got him there. But the truth is that it is not a few businessmen, netas, sadhus, actors or journalists who got him to the chair. It’s the people of India. He has to make the tough choice. Should be keep his people happy? Or the whole nation? If he’s looking at 1 term of 5 years, sure what he’s doing is fine. But you can see the anti-incumbency kicking in already.
If the Govt. doesn’t control the unruly media and their own disastrous mouthpieces I don’t see a second term for this government despite all the bridges that are built and all the roads laid down.

2. I also don’t agree fully about there being no conspiracy to distract the media and people from something bad happening in the background while, we all play ‘tolerance-tolerance’. It is a known fact that business houses and politicians, especially those in power, do manipulate the media and the publi opinion. It’s not a long time game – I mean, the classic dictum is so true that you cannot fool all the people all the time – but nevertheless people are fooled constantly by ruling politicians. There’s AMPLE evidence of that all over the world 😛😛😛
So I may not share the well meant but naive faith of Mr. Fadnavis in this situation. I’d keep my scepticism with me and insist that we are not informed enough to have a fool proof opinion on this matter.

Finally, I would like to tell all my friends, fans, family and followers this one thing: You are a citizen of a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic of India. Have faith in the constitution. No party agenda is bigger or better than the constitution. This is the greatest democracy in the world and dissent is the essence of democracy. You are blessed with a super power. The power to ask questions. Use it! Or lose it!

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