The Jungle Book – I wanna be like you – Hindi Version

तुझसा बनूँ
(I wanna be like you:Hindi Version)

ऐई इंसान का औलाद,
सुन मेरी बात
माका शेण्डी मत लगा तू
मेरे को माँगता
है ताक़त आग का
वो फूल जिसमें no ख़ुशबू!
मेरे को होना वो secret, बस अब
बोल मैं क्या करूँ?

मिलेगा power
खिलेगा flower
तो मैं तुझसे बनूँ!
Oh, ooo-be-doo,
मैं तेरा माफ़िक़ बनूँ-ऊँ-ऊँ
I चलो-fy like you
बोलो-fy like you oo-oo-oo,

देख बोलता हूँ-ऊँ-ऊँ
मैं बात सच्ची-ई-ई
मैं बन सकता
है, Ditto जैसा तू-ऊ-ऊ

तू सोचेंगा ये क्या कलंदर!
के मैं, एक महाबली बंदर
मिलायेंगा हाथ
वो भी तेरे साथ
गोली देता है बस क्या?

अपन साथ सच करेगा सपना
पूरा जंगल का माल अपना
मेरा जो गरज
वोईच तेरा फरज
मेरा सपना, अपना कर तू

हाँ तू-ऊ-ऊ
मैं तेरा माफ़िक़ बनूँ
माँगता है अंगार
बाकी सब भंगार है थू-ऊ-ऊ

बोले तो झक्कास
हो जायेंगा!
एक बंदर
राजा बन जाएँगा,
इंसान माफ़िक़
मेरा game होयेंगा full-thru!

बस एक item आती
तो फिर life set हो जाती
जा ले आ वो रक्त-फूल
फिर जंगल पे अपनाईच rule
मेरा under तू
आजा man! तेरा life मैं
Set कर दूँ!

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Become you
(I wanna be like you:Hindi Version)

The Son of a human being,
Listen my talk
Maka Śēṇḍī don’t think you
Asking for me
The strength of the fire
The flowers in which no smell!
That Secret to me, just now
Tell me what should I do?

Will get power
Will bloom flower
So I will be with you!
Oh, ooo-be-doo,
I will be your friend-OM-OM
I चलो-fy like you
Say-fy like you oo-OO-oo,

I see-OM-OM
I talk true-E-e
I can become
Is, ditto like you-Ugh-ugh

You will think what is this qalandar!
K me, a great monkey
Will meet hands
That too with you
Shoots just what?

Dream will come true with you
The Whole Jungle’s wealth
My Joe Thunder
Wow it’s your duty
My dream, do your own

Yes you-Ugh-ugh
I will be your māfiqa
Asks for embers
Everything else is bhangar. Thu-Ugh-ugh

Bole to fantastic
Will be done!
A monkey
Will become king,
Human being
My game will be full-Thank!

Just a item comes
Then life would have been set
Go to those blood flowers
Then the rules on the jungle
My cornering you
Come on man! Your life I
Set it up!

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Last week, coinciding with my #mangalwithmayur activity on twitter and the soft launch of, there was also the big release of the first single #Indiawaale from HAPPY NEW YEAR.  The response has been thundering. Although I haven’t personally worked on the music of this film, I’m more excited than any of my projects because this is such a huge film.

So anyway, again coinciding with #mangalwithmayur on 9th September and with the full feature launch of, Team HNY is releasing the next song –  #manwalaage !

This soothing romantic ballad by Vishal-Shekhar (one of the rare songs where they have excelled in antara composition) has beautiful words by Irshad Kamil and mellifluous vocals by Shreya Ghoshal and Arijit Singh.

This is my pick of the album. It’s also Farah Ma’am’s personal favorite.

Watch this space! I’ll tell you more next week with news about the upcoming music launch!

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