Our whole system needs a detox

Maharashtra CM Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, makes some excellent points here and I totally agree about the people being responsible for the media stories. I’ve been saying this in my interviews as well in my talk about ‘responsible filmmaking’ at various educational institutions since 2008. In my words: ‘Every society deserves the entertainment it gets!’ Read more

On Loss of Spiritual Leadership

There are no spiritual leaders and their spiritual followers anymore. Only material ones – Those whose achievements you can count in votes, notes, houses, box office collections, number of followers on Twitter, and Runs in IPL matches… Read more

Thank You Rupam

Rupam Talkies – the last single screen theatre of Ahmedabad is going to shut down. With this an era comes to an end. An era that I have witnessed as a child – a beautiful time that, sadly, will only remain in the memories of a generation. Ahmedabad was bubbling with theatres when I was a child. There 100+ single screen theatres in the city. Yes! More than 100! And I’ve seen movies in most of them.
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