How do atheists raise their children?

How do atheists raise their children? Most importantly, if you are an atheist, how would you explain things to your young ones when the outer world is constantly reminding them about God and religion?

Atheism is a choice. I was raised by a deeply spiritual family and I turned atheist. My younger brother, though respects and adores me, is a religious person. My parents raised both of us in the same way.  Our basic morality is same but our choices and beliefs, as far as religion goes, are different. We both wouldn’t rob or kill anyone. But he prays and I read science fiction.
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BALL TALK 1st BLOG entry

Whether we admit it or not, criticism affects us all in a profound way. As artists, we may develop a ‘thick skin’ over a period of time and we might develop various defense mechanisms to cope with it but there is no denying the fact that it does affect us. At the same time, every artist will insist that constructive criticism is not only important but in fact necessary for all art forms.  Read more

The Making of Ball Talk


A lot of people are loving my new online show ‘Ball Talk with Mayur Puri’ and they are curious to know how did it happen. How did I get the idea for the show etc.
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