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Whether we admit it or not, criticism affects us all in a profound way. As artists, we may develop a ‘thick skin’ over a period of time and we might develop various defense mechanisms to cope with it but there is no denying the fact that it does affect us. At the same time, every artist will insist that constructive criticism is not only important but in fact necessary for all art forms. 

Ball Talk with Mayur is irreverent, no holds barred, fun show online that brings the criticism of an artist/musician/filmmaker right on their faces and attempts to document their reactions and ways of dealing with it. Critics get to have their voice heard and artists/ musicians/filmmakers get the ‘closure’ they seek after their work is published and criticised.

Win-win for all, especially for us, the audience, right?

Before a film releases, it’s all TALL TALK – “My movie is this, my movie is that…” But then comes the Friday and Boom! You cannot lie about your movie anymore… You become like this porn star who cannot lie about his penis size.

“What 14 inches? I saw Deep Throat!”

🙂 🙂 🙂

Ok… jokes apart… Have a look at this promo of BALL TALK WITH MAYUR and then read on…


Basically, we catch filmmakers AFTER the movie release.

No more TALL TALK!

If you have the BALLS to be on a show AFTER people have seen your film and face the criticism then

welcome to BALL TALK with MAYUR PURI!

#BallTalkwithMayurPuri is all about freedom. The right of the filmmaker to make what they want and not be judged in a personally vindictive way… AND also the right of the people/ critics/reviewers to raise questions and demand answers from the proverbial Horse’s mouth. It is a platform which brings all kinds of comments and observations about a film to its makers directly and sees their response to it. The show is intended to open a healthy but fun dialogue and be the bridge between those who make art/music/movies and those who consume it.

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Do leave a comment. Whether you think I’m a genius or whether you think I’ve lost my marbles! This is your show as much as it is mine!

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