Making of Hey Ganaraya

The trickiest part was the Sargam in the first verse – “SA NI DHA PA, NI DHA PA MA GA”. We tried to fit in word after word, phrase after phrase but nothing was as magical as the Sargam itself. So finally, we decided to keep the Sargam as it is. A good musician knows the value of silence and uses it to his / her advantage. Likewise, a songwriter should also know where to put words and where to just let the musical notes do the talking.
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Genesis of ‘Selfie Le Le Re’

Ironically, ‘Selfie le le re’ was a last minute addition to the song. It just sealed the song for us because all the rest of the stuff was so rustic and desi. Read more

What the cluck is this Chicken Song about?

What I’m trying to say is that Chicken has been sitting and clucking away to glory on the dividing lines that run through Indian kitchens. It’s not the division of India and Pakistan, Hindu and Muslim – it runs through the family.
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#BezubaanPhirSe Decoded

Being speechless doesn’t always mean that you have nothing to say. It could also be a state of mind where you have too much to say and you cannot express it in words. When your heart is filled with rage and angst, you have an overwhelming outburst, a scream of silence. That expression of angst is ‘Bezubaan’ for me here. This is the song that captures the soul of ABCD like nothing else could.
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