Art Is Forever

Art exists to poke fingers in society’s festering sores.

Art exists to blast open the sewers so that it’s stench makes difficult for people to breathe.

Art exists to give a voice to voiceless. Art exists to scream out loud what we are too afraid to admit to ourselves.

Art exists to spit in our faces when we powder our noses too much.

Art exists because society is the most gigantic of all human follies And the biggest victory of art is when society tries to curb it.

In the name of morality, religion, nationality, decency – art is asked time and again to step aside, to step down and to step away. But if it could just go away so easily, it wouldnt be art.

Art cannot to be stopped.

Art cannot be negated.

Art cannot be silenced. Because art, my friends, is truth.

Dear Society! You’ve been losing this battle since thousands of years. You will never win.

Art is immortal.

Art. Is. Forever.


Date: 6th Feb 2017

These were my first thoughts in reaction to the news that the High Court has ‘ordered’ the makers of #JollvLLB2 to remove 4 shots on the argument that the film ‘may lower the dignity’ of professionals working in judiciary system. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. mean dignity, and lawyers? This is intolerable attack on all arts. Our society, day by day, is moving towards a dark future. I’m an artist and say this out loud. This high court ruling is plain stupid and unnecessary- most probably driven out of some vested interest. Arrest me if I’m breaking a law by saying the truth out loud!

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