Whose Citizenship Is It Anyway?

There are two kinds of people. Those who are a burden on the community they live in: i.e who suck out of it more than they give. The leeches, the parasites, the scamsters, the million dollar package corporate heads, bankers who siphon poor farmers’ funds, the politicians.

Chara Yadav, Gold Modi’s, Flying Mallaya’s, Share Mehta’s and Parekh’s, Petroleum Ambani’s, Electric Adani’s… Every generation, every corner of the world, they exist. Even Gates (before his charity work) belongs to this cult of greed built on monopoly and unethical practices.

On the other hand, you have poor, homeless immigrants who work hard and build nations. Like the outcast Europeans built US and Australia. Every major city in the world, Mumbai to New York, is built over the hard work of poor immigrants.

They do small, shitty, inhuman jobs, which locals don’t want to do so that locals can work better, more comfortable jobs. They enrich the locals and live in dark, uncertain future for at least one entire generation. Immigrants, anthropologically speaking, are enablers.

No country, no community should have a problem with honest, hardworking immigrants. To put immigrants and terrorists in the same bracket is an apathetic, misleading ploy. And of course, it’s unethical from Human Rights perspective.

Yes, we need a social security system, better law and order to curb miscreants and potential ‘terrorists’. But to assume, that every next door neighbor is out to get us, is not only stupid but also historically wrong.

Accumulation of power only happens by feeding on people’s fear. The face cream industry gains by feeding on the fear of dark skin. Similarly, the fear of ‘others’, thieves, robbers, is deliberately peddled so that you forget about rats of your own home nibbling at your toes.

So, ask a few questions to yourself everyday. Not about the country but about your own life. Where’s the grain for the pizza you eat coming from? Who dyes your designer clothes?

We know little about how the world really functions. So ask: who is benefiting from my actions?

Who am I enabling with this purchase? What ideal am I promoting by casting this vote.
Ask. Ask. Ask.
Ask others.
Ask yourself.
Our society, our city, our nation is a car that needs complete ‘overhaul’ not just a ‘air-water’ check.
Thank you for coming to my #TedTalk.

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