All car manufacturers have to create and maintain parking spaces compulsorily. So if a car manufacturer is selling 1000 cars in Mumbai every year, they have to create multi-level car parks for at least 100 cars in the city, every year. The car owners of that particular brand get free parking and the other brands are allowed to park with payments.  (like how we use ATM service from any bank with a service charge, but for our own bank it’s free).

Government gives the space at subsidized rates and enters into a partnership with the car company. The ground floor of such a complex always has a huge showroom and service station for the car brand. The money they make here goes into the upkeep of the Parking complex and Government also gets a percentage from it (recovering the subsidy investment). Every floor of the car park has paid services – washrooms, kids rooms and utility stalls. These can be outsourced and the rental pays for the Car park attendants’ salaries.

And here’s the best part – The cars registered outside Mumbai City have to pay a 500 rupee / day ‘Congestion charge’. (Just like in London Zone-1).  This charge includes free parking anywhere in the city. (Trust me, this itself will generate huge revenues).

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