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____DAY______   faces faces millions of them. eyes running into foreheads: cheeks into chin: ears into lips: a messy mass, nothing’s personal. anymore.   _____NIGHT______   shadows of darkness: NIGHTBLIND. the sun rusted: the moon arrested: and the vulnerable stars keep on falling like dry peepal leaves. but then leaves do find a ground. at […]


My grandma has tears in her eye. The wind that blows now is full of dust. She opens her eye in contempt and disgust. She cannot look up to the dry barren horizon. She closes her eyes in pity and remorse.    A tear, tired and impotent like her dreams Runs Aimlessly down her cheek […]

Whose Citizenship Is It Anyway?

There are two kinds of people. Those who are a burden on the community they live in: i.e who suck out of it more than they give. The leeches, the parasites, the scamsters, the million dollar package corporate heads, bankers who siphon poor farmers’ funds, the politicians. Chara Yadav, Gold Modi’s, Flying Mallaya’s, Share Mehta’s […]

The Jungle Book – I wanna be like you – Hindi Version

तुझसा बनूँ (I wanna be like you:Hindi Version) ऐई इंसान का औलाद, सुन मेरी बात माका शेण्डी मत लगा तू मेरे को माँगता है ताक़त आग का वो फूल जिसमें no ख़ुशबू! मेरे को होना वो secret, बस अब जल्दी! बोल मैं क्या करूँ? मिलेगा power खिलेगा flower तो मैं तुझसे बनूँ! Oh, ooo-be-doo, मैं […]


I shot for Tell Me O Khuda with Vinod Sir in 2009-10 for about 25-30 days. Sadly, none of that footage was ever released. All I have of those wonderful days now, is a handful of pictures and my memories. I rarely talk about the making and unmaking of TMOK for obvious reasons, but today […]


About the Film: Firdaws is a film that doesn’t question the existence of the promised paradise for a human bomb, but turns the idea on its head by asking what if it was real and yet, one wouldn’t get the ‘pure bliss of forgetfulness’? Firdaws has a strong humanitarian & anti-terrorism message inspired by an […]


ARE MOVIES REALLY DYING? ——————————- When television came, everyone thought it was a derivative of the movies. With the convenience of a screen at home, the screens in the markets were soon going to be redundant and it was proclaimed that movies were gonna die. But while TV was derivative of Films in content (so […]